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An office for you car, van or
truck.  The workspace solution for
professionals on the road

Enjoy the comfort and convenience of your office while you are on the road.  The AutoExec transforms any vehicle into a mobile office by providing a convenient work surface and large storage area for office tools and accessories.
This portable workstation enhances your productivity while organizing files, electronics and office supplies.  Customer response time is accelerated because you're prepared for every opportunity.

The original AutoExec with non-skid border.

AutoExec with full non-skid surface.

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Slide out worksurface with clipboard clip is spacious and convenient.  On top, non-skid material stabilizes briefcase, laptop computer or widebase printers.  Chose from non-skid border or full non-skid surface.

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Large storage area inside the AutoExec holds computer, planner, cellular phone and more.

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Top-loading storage compartments hold small tools and supplies such as a calculator, files, pencils, tape recorder, notepads, CDs, etc.

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Fits in the passenger seat and is safely secured with the seatbelt.  Lightweight design for portability.

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An optional WheelMate(tm) attaches to the steering wheel increasing your work area.

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Other accessories include a 110-volt power inverter for computer, fax, or printer and a convenient carrying bag.

Full non-skid surface.

AutoExec with writing
surface extended.

Closed: 25" l x 17" w x 10.5" h
Open: 25" l x 25.5" w x 10.5" h