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One Call Mapping for Windows is a moving map computer program which integrates road maps with blueprints and job sites. Although One Call Mapping works well in the office generating faxed or hard copy maps for field meets, material delivery, crew and equipment dispatching, or job site locations, the real power comes through linking a notebook computer with a GPS unit to the software. This same program becomes an onboard navigation system providing a moving map in the vehicle. Use the city and street look-up feature to guide you to bid openings, job walk through's, plan hauling on truck routes, measure distance, job site safety plans, having rental equipment delivered, or work out staging areas to difficult sites.

Another benefit from our system is the ability to provide latitude and longitude information to a one-call center for your own construction crews. The best and fastest way to define a dig site is with the Garmin GPS unit. The coordinates can be generated from a field GPS unit or directly from the Vista One Call Mapping program.

Tired of being lost when you arrive at an airport to bid a job? Simply place your Garmin GPS on the dash of your rental car, plug the cable into your notebook and you now have a moving map to guide you on freeways and side streets to the job and back . This program can even leave a bread crumb trail to show you the way back to the airport.

If your company is involved with emergency response, monitoring wells, or environmental clean-up or remediation, One Call Mapping is ideal for tagging, showing routes to, or displaying topographical information for runoff, leaks, spills or migration. Site maps of contamination can be scanned and then displayed in real time to accurately represent material and limits of migration, and existing or proposed monitoring sites.

These are but a few of the applications of this new technology. One Call Mapping offers solutions to your company's varied needs through a simple, flexible, easy to use software linked to the Global Positioning System.