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Vista One Call Mapping is a computer mapping system based on Latitude and Longitude in WGS 84, NAD 27, or NAD 83 mapping datum. This program offers One Call Centers to have "Seamless" road maps down to street level and interface with GPS Lat/Long coordinates. Vista also offers the unique ability to display paper or scanned maps together on the same screen. In addition, Vista will display the Lat/Long at any given point of the mouse on either map. As a center, this flexibility enables you to use your paper maps as an interim to full vector mapping, or in addition to your current mapping program.

Vista One Call is a Windows program and, as such, will run simultaneously with other mapping programs or DOS applications. The Vista Road Map consists of all the freeways, highways, streets, roads, rail lines, and year-round water features in the USA.

It is distributed on a single CD-ROM which is "ready-to-use" in Vista either from the CD directly or by copying selected files from the CD to a hard disk drive. The Road Map data for the US (50 states) is split into small geographic areas or cell search of which covers degree by degree (about 40 x 70 statute miles). There are 947 cells for the 48 states plus Alaska and Hawaii. Each cell is fully self-contained and functions as a complete map. Therefore, the Vista Road Map can run directly from the CD or from one or more cell files (average 677KB in size) on the hard drive. Vista Road Map operation is 100% seamless and its impossible to detect boundaries between cells.