PLEASE NOTE: This product is not available for sale. City Select is included with the purchase of a GPS V



Please note: The trip and waypoint management functions of this product work with nearly all GARMIN GPS units, excluding the GPS 100 family and panel mount aviation units. The map download features of this product will work only with the GPS V. This product is not available for sale. City Select is included with the purchase of a GPS V.

Please Note: When using a locked MapSource product, the real-time track plotting function will work only with a valid unlock code for the GPS unit being used.

MapSource® City Select™ is designed specifically for the GPS V. The software contains detailed maps of major metropolitan areas in 7 different pre-defined regions in the U.S. and Canada — choose the region you travel the most. City Select includes highways, interstates, business and residential streets with attributes such as turn restrictions, speed categories and other navigation features. The software automatically creates point-to-point routes in MapSource and on the GPS V. It also displays points of interest such as food and drink, lodging, attractions, entertainment, shopping and emergency services. This map detail and data may be viewed on both the personal computer and with data downloaded to GPS V.

With MapSource City Select, customers will have access to one region area of their choice. There are currently 7 Regions that together provide coverage for the United States and Canada. The Region must be unlocked, which can be done through GARMIN via our unlock pages or by phone. For a complete listing of Regions, please click on the attached map for details. We also recommend you utilize the GARMIN map viewer to see the coverage and details of each Region prior to purchase.